Magnetic Compass
Magnetic Compass

A magnetic compass is an instrument designed to seek a certain direction in azimuth and to hold that direction permanently, and which depends, for its directional properties, upon the magnetism of the earth.

Reflector Magnetic Compass Saura SR-165

  • ISO Class A Magnetic Compass
  • Complying with the relevant IMO and other major authority requirements such as: ISO-449(1997), ISO-694(2000), ISO-1069(1973), ISO-2269(1992) and IEC-60945(2002)
  • Precision directional system design; Card dia. 165mm
  • Pivot bearings: iridium and sapphire
  • Long lasting inner paint finish, without blister, cracks or discoloring over a long period of time
  • Unique bowl design to absorb liquid expansion for leakage and air bubble free operation
  • Illumination of compass card with dimmer control
  • Simple design for periscope attachment, assuring of correct alignment of the optics
  • Telescopic with vertical length of 720mm as standard
  • Loner telescopic length available on request
  • Transmitting Heading Device (THD) capability with optional accessories (SCP-NT)
  • Dual power supply; 100, 110, 200, or 220VAC & 24VDC
  • Light in weight for ease of shipyard installation
Saura SR-165


Type:Reflector compass
Compass bowl:165mm dia
Periscope/optics:vertical length 720mm as standard
Binnacle stand:with top cover
Dimmer control:Dual current; 100, 110, 200 or 220VAC & 24VDC, 10w

Delivery Set:

Binnacle stand with reflector compass bowl
Azimuth device AD-02

*Sale and service of magnetic compasses from other manufacturers are also possible.

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