Search and rescue radar transponders
Search and rescue radar transponder

Search and rescue radar transponder (SART) is important part of GMDSS for locating ships in distress or their survival craft.

Samyung SAR-9 radar SART

  • This SART is complied with related IMO/GMDSS requirements
  • Designed for reliable operation in the roughest of marine environments
  • Lightweight and rugged construction is suitable for placing at liferafts
  • Light and sound indication of operation
Samyung SAR-9


Frequency:9,2~9,5 GHz
Effective sensitivity: better than -50dBm
Radiated power:400mW (+26dBm)
Duration of operation:96 hours in standby condition
minimum 8 hours of transmission
Temperature range: -20°C to +55°C operational
-30°C to +65°C storage
Battery shelf life:5 years
Dimensions:317 x 103 x 92 mm
Weight:632 g

Delivery Set:

SAR-9 SART main unit
Mounting kit
User Manual

*Sale and service of radar transponders from other manufacturers are also possible.

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