VHF radio installation
VHF Radiotelephone

Every ship shall be provided with a VHF radio installation with DSC and DSC Watch Receiver.

Samyung STR-6000A

Class A type DSC/VHF for GMDSS built-in dedicated receiver CH70. Light and compact VHF radiotelephone is design for any-where installation on every types of vessels. Over 160 characters can be seen in one large LCD.


Latitude/Longitude display function when connected with GPS. Power supply (SP-700) can use DC 24V or AC 110V / 220V.

  • Compliant with DSC performance standard and GMDSS regulation according to ITU and IMO
  • Includes all channels specified in ITU-RR(NOAA Weather channel)
  • Channel Number : 183 channels (ITU 55, USA 57, CAN 61, WEA 10)
  • The backlight of the display and operation key panels can be adjusted
  • Wide sight graphic LCD allows user to see the display at every angle and operate it with ease.
  • All settings are displayed on LCD
  • Several channel scanning options
  • User can select and automatically set up the transmission power of High (25W) or Low (1W)
  • Priority selection of Ch.16 and adoption of noise free mic
  • The equipment is designed for the daily waterproof


Frequency:TX: 156.025~157.425MHz, RX: 156.050~163.275MHz
Channel Interval:25kHz
Communication Mode:Simplex and Semi-Duplex
Type of emission:G3E, G2B (DSC)
Antenna impedance:50 ohm
Voltage Supply:13.6V DC
Consumption Currency (13.6V):TX High (25W) – 5.5A max
Operating Temperature:-15℃ ~ +55℃
Dimensions:85 × 172 × 170 (mm)

Delivery Set:

Transceiver Unit(STR-6000A)
Hand MIC(SM-6000R-4M)
Speaker (SS-6000)
Power Supply (SP-700)
EMG Light
VHF Antenna (SAN-150) – 2
Installation Material
Instruction Manual

*Sale and service of VHF radio installations from other manufacturers are also possible.

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