Gyro Compass

The gyro compass shall determine the ship’s course relative to geographic (true) north and the bearing of the oriented direction. The gyro compass is based on the properties of the gyroscope and the daily rotation of the Earth.

Gyrocompass Tokyo Keiki TG-8000

  • The TG-8000 liquid-free gyro-compass combines a small budget with excellent quality. The TG-8000 is designed for standard IMO ship application;
  • Fast follow-up rate (maximum 75°/s);
  • Interfaces with external heading sensor;
  • Minimal system components for dual gyro system for space saving & installation cost;
  • Fast serial data output (IEC61162-2);
  • Startup-timer function.
Gyrocompass TG-8000


Settling time:within 4 hours
Settled point error:less than 0.3°
Master-compass follow up rate:maximum 75°/s
Power supply:100/110/115/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 24 V DC
Power consumption when starting:140 VA
Power consumption when operating:70 VA
Power consumption (repeaters) :150 VA

Delivery Set:

Master Compass Unit
Control Unit Type

*Sale and service of gyro-compasses from other manufacturers are also possible.

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