Приемник НАВТЕКС
NAVTEX receiver

International NAVTEX Service means the coordinated broadcast and automatic reception on 518 kHz of maritime safety information by means of narrow-band direct-printing telegraphy using the English language.

Samyung SNX-300

  • Model designed to IMO resolution and performance standards;
  • Display : 5.6”LCD;
  • English channel(518KHz) & local channel(490KHz/4209.5KHz) are simultaneously receiving by two receivers built-in;
  • Storage for over 200 advisory including 8,000 receiving letters in average length per channel;
  • Receiving messages sets-up from outer navigational equipment and channels;
  • 50 messages permanently stored per channel and 72-hour-long storage of receiving letters;
  • Automatic power blockage run by voltage protection circuit;
  • Interfaced to INS(Integrated Navigation System) according to IEC-61162;
  • Compact and light design creates the easy installation available


Receiving frequency:518KHz (English), 490KHz or 4209.5KHz (Local)
Receiving method:F1B
Receiving sensitivity:2㎶ e.m.f (50 Ohm), 4% error rate
Display:5.6”LCD, 320 dots × 240 dots
Power supply:DC 10 ~ 36V, 12W@24V
Size:255W×163H×75D (mm)

Delivery Set:

Main Unit (SNX-300)
Antenna (SAN-300)
Installation Material
Instruction Manual

*Sale and service of NAVTEX from other manufacturers are also possible.

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