The marine radar helps to determine and display the range and bearing of radar transponders and of other surface craft, obstructions, buoys, shorelines and navigational marks to assist in navigation and in collision avoidance.

BERNK Co., Ltd. offers the following marine radars for delivery in Vladivostok, Nakhodka and other cities:

Koden MDC-7912P X-Band Marine Radar

KODEN MDC-7912P provides outstanding performance and clear image by 19-inch high resolution SXGA display, plus anti-reflection coating.
Designed to comply with New IMO and IEC regulations.

Radar Koden MDC-7912P
  • Clear image with High-speed sampling in short range
  • Capable advanced video adjustment (Video level : 8→16)
  • Auto gain with simple operation
  • Improved visibility of the display by auto STC (Sensitivity Time Control)
  • Simple and easy operation by tracball unit via USB (not included)
  • Brushless motor adopted. No longer replace brush and less noise of motor
  • C-Map chart (MAX, Basic chart information only)* can be overlaid on the radar screen. *Owner supplied
  • Built-in TT(ARPA) tracks up to 100 targets. Selectable auto acquisition or manual acquisition
  • Built-in AIS interface for displaying up to 900 targets.


Output frequency:9410 MHz ± 30 MHz
Output power (Peak):12 kW
Antenna type:Open antenna
Antenna length:4 feet / 6 feet / 9 feet
Minimum detecting distance:Within 40 m
Warm-up time: 2 min
19″ color TFT LCD Display resolution:1280 x 1024 pixels (SXGA)
Power supply:21.6 to 41.6 VDC
Power Consumption (at 24 VDC):150 W or less
Operating temperature (Antenna-scanner unit): -25… +55 °С
Water Protection (Antenna-scanner unit):IPX6
Operating temperature (Display unit / Processor unit):-15… +55 °С
Water Protection:Front panel and operation unit : IP23

Delivery Set:

Scanner unit
Antenna unit
Display unit
Operation unit
Connecting cable
DC power cable
Installation material

Samyung SMR-3700 Marine Radar

Samyung SMR-3700 is a small-sized raster scanning Radar, which composes Radom type transceiver with 4 KW Transmitting power and 10.4 inch color TFT LCD monitor.

Radar Samyung SMR-3700
  • Superior ability to display closed range targets
  • Able to interface with AIS and target display
  • Able to Zoom-In the special target area for use’ s selection
  • Able to choose brightness of color in 10 levels for navigation at night
  • Can choose the screen color within white, yellow, green
  • Adopted 8 directions key to make cursor move with speed
  • One-touch keys dedicated to every function
  • Setting-up warning zone for invasion and separation in various method
  • Can move screen center point and observe the long distance of the desired direction
  • Intermittent Tx mode : can operate with low electric consumption
  • The input of the external navigational devices such as Gyro or NMEA 0183 enables it to display the own ship position and the destination


TX frequency:9410 MHz ± 30 MHz
Output power:4KW
Antenna type:dome-type antenna
Minimum distance:within 25m
Max. Range:36NM
Beam width: Horizontal 4°, Vertical 25°
Warm-up time:approx. 90 sec
Display unit:10.4”Color VGA TFT LCD, Vertical display
Resolution:640 x 480
Power supply:DC +10V ~ +36V
Consumption power:60W
Operating temperature (Antenna): -25… +55 °С
Operating temperature (Display unit):-15… +55 °С

Delivery Set:

Antenna RSU-3700
Display unit SMR-3700
Instruction manual
Installation materials

*Sale and service of Marine radars from other manufacturers are also possible.

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